Income is the lifeblood of your retirement plan.

In fact, recent research tells us that the happiest retirees point to “Leisure Spending” as the #1 contributor to their happiness. This should come as no big surprise. After all, your comfort in retirement is largely tied to your ability to spend freely on the things you value the most.

This is why, our first step when working with our clients, is to build a plan that delivers secure predictable retirement income that will last as long as they live.

To achieve this, we use a proprietary process that we’ve evolved over the last decade and a half. We call this planning process the Two Waters Wealth (TWW) RETIREMENT PERMISSION SLIP.

By going through this process with us, you’ll walk away with a clear picture that will help you answer your most pressing questions, including:

  • Where will my retirement income come from?
  • How can I coordinate my retirement income sources to get the most out of them?
  • How much can I safely spend each year from my retirement savings?
  • Will my income increase to help me address inflation?
  • And how long can I expect that income to last?
  • How will my plan impact my spouse when I’m gone?

When combined with tax reduction strategies and a more intentional investment strategy, this means more money in your pocket with less risk.

Having a concrete retirement income plan will help deliver the clarity that you need to shift from your working years to your retirement years with more confidence and peace of mind.

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